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Academic Anarchist Tee

The world describes anarchy as "chaos" or "mob-rule." However, nothing could be further from the truth. 

The word anarchy means "no rulers." Therefore, an anarchist is someone who believes that free human beings should have no rulers. It means that I do not have a right to rule over anyone else, and no one else has a right to rule over me. I am responsible for my self. I am the owner of my self. I am in charge of my self.

As Peaceful Worldschoolers and unschoolers, we believe that children should have the right to be responsible for their own life and learning. They are the captains of their own ship. They take the lead and chart their own unique path. Parents are partners in learning - not dictators teaching through force, threats, or coercion. We are #AcademicAnarchists. This is #EducationalFreedom.

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Type: T-Shirt